“Thanks so much for my fur baby! She means the world to me! Honestly the best dog I could have ever asked for!”


“Hello! Just wanted you to know that Meika, now Marlo, has brought much joy to our home. She is absolutely adorable.” Dianna Wamsley

Penny is 8 months old. We love her to pieces .

"Hi, just wanted to send pics of Tripp. He is doing great and the kids absolutely love him. Thanks again."                                   Mark True

“Smartest dog we’ve had. Absolutely LOVE her!!!”

Max (aka) Frank on his birthday. Tomorrow he starts his K9 Good Citizen test and will begin training to be a comfort dog

"Thank you for our awesome dog, Rylee."

"She is super smart and beautiful and sweet. We just love her! We named her Gracie. "

Hi! We just wanted to send you a picture of Jackie (on the left) and Louie (on the right). They live next door to each other and are best friends. They are wonderful dogs! Thank you!"                                                                                                     The Harris family and Hineman family

"She's the best! I love her. Best dog I've had! I named her Junie Moon."

"Just wanted to show you a picture of our baby, (Ginger). Our family is absolutely in love with this girl. She is wonderful! God bless you!"                                                                   Debby Loy Wilson and family

"Just wanted to let you all know Nutmeg is doing great and getting big! She loves chasing the cat and playing with our neighbors dog. Thanks for a wonderful dog!"                                            The Herbert family

"This is Cathy D'Allura. Augie is from the litter you had last summer July. I wanted to send a picture. He is weighing around 46 pounds and is a absolute character - the personality of this guy is unreal! He could fetch a ball for hours and loves to play in the sprinkler. He is such a love! Have a wonderful summer! Our best to your family,  Lou and Cathy D'Allura."

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful addition to our family that Bernie has been. He is sweet, funny and very healthy! Thank you, Sicerely Susan W